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Brand Strategy and Design for Small Businesses

  • 120 Minutes of content
  • Mon 03 2022
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Learn how to be the number one choice for your customers by constructing a memorable brand experience that customers will consistently support..

Course Overview

A successful brand pays attention to how every part of a company works together to create a certain image. Branding is a mixture of art and science - rational yet creative and backed by science yet exploding with passion and excitement. Your brand needs to tell a story that your customer can relate to, believe in and commit to supporting time and time again.

In this fundamentals course, you will learn how to create a compelling brand that brings in a significant profit. You will get a solid introduction to key branding principles and strategies, learn how to research and define target audiences, write a moving brand story and drive the design process for your brand’s unique identity. Start this course today to ensure that your brand leaves a long-lasting impact on your target audience!

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  • Created:07/03/2022
  • Duration:120 minutes
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