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Build a Professional Website with WordPress

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  • Mon 03 2022
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Learn how to build a killer WordPress website that is guaranteed to impress with this fundamentals course..

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About This Course

Currently, WordPress powers 35% of the internet and has over 400 million people visiting their sites every month. With a diverse set of features, WordPress is well suited to a wide range of users including personal sites, blogs, e-commerce and business sites that have advanced requirements.

Filled with resources and downloads, this course covers everything you need to know to start using wordPress like a pro. You'll learn how to set up your website, add content including pages and blog posts, select and customize a theme, add widgets and plugins to expand your site's features, connect it to your social networks and upload media including videos and images - all without having to code!

If you don’t already have a WordPress account, all you need is an email address. Being so simple, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enroll now, taking advantage of the 25% Fiverr User discount on WordPress, to get your website started today.


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  • Created:07/03/2022
  • Duration:122 minutes
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