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E-commerce Copywriting: The Key to Conversion

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  • Mon 03 2022
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Learn how to craft words to maximize your conversions with this fundamental copywriting for e-commerce course..

Course Overview

Whether you’re trying to sell and explain a revolutionary service or you want to stand out and convert more sales, unique sales copy is the key.

Descriptions and website content deliver three main benefits to a brand: volume, credibility and conversion. Learn how to write engaging content that will keep customers on a site for longer and create strong links with a product through a memorable shopping experience.

This course is filled with recommendations for the best free and paid tools as well as detailed writing exercises so you can practice what you learn in each chapter. You’ll cover everything from working with keywords, correct formatting and writing with a target audience in mind to building credibility with strong, authentic copy that resonates with your readers. Enroll today to start your writing journey!

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